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What got to me about watching the Brianna scenes were why go to a crappy "fast food like" establishment (Java) when she was already in a crappy "fast-food" establishment (Brad Pub) in the first place? Ok, want cheese? How more velveeta can you be then proposing about your co-workers and people clapping?

This couple does suck and I cant put my finger why? Brady should have his office...SOMEONE should have an office! LH and Arianna are not a good fit- I would of never believed that this person just was released from prison and is this weepy/insecure. Also, her irrational rantings about Nicole frustrate me because there's no history to them? I hate when DAYS does this- newbies come with some pre-conceived hate and there's no explanation.

JS looks bored because he's been playing the SAME SCENES from 2008! AS could never sell me sex, desire but can sell me insecurity and manipulation. She's been written the worst in this part of the SL.

I still think there's hope for Rafe because I see that the writers do like writing for him. I agree that their conflict should come internally because Rafe has shown to forgive Sami for lies, its Sami that always thinks this next lie is the "end." and Rafe is rational enough at this point to know that Sami has always been a character that lies. At least thats what I got after she explained her lie about the letter. I think its because in the past the guys always had some fit about lies- ANY lie.

Rafe's backstory still can happen with them bringing back Emily. We dont know a lot from her (or I didnt pay enough attention) but she is also a key to Arianna's past, so maybe this "Emily" story can make these two couples more interesting?
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