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Mar 14 2010, 02:15 AM

This leads me to the biggest issue I have going forward. There is no conflict for Sami and Rafe. None. Rafe's past got dropped. This whole ransom thing is a nothing for them and it's only lingering because Sami is a moron. There needs to be something. Yes, EJ will likely stick himself between them but what happens after that? Everything is just too perfect. They need to focus a bit on internal issues with them. Push Rafe choosing his work over her. Bring back some of his past issues. Something! This is why I want EJ away from them unless they go about it from a Stefano/Marlena like standpoint. It's just time to move on and, if they are going to keep Rafe and Sami in the "perfect" bubble then they need a more viable threat that isn't a bad guy. This is where I would bring back a Lucas or Brandon. Two guys who know Sami. Two flawed but good guys. Imagine how torn Sami would be. That is a triangle. That would make things interesting for me. Send EJ to Arianna. JS shows more life in his scenes with LH then he has in weeks. To me, he knows the characters needs to move on so move him on.

Anyway, it's just funny how the story just pieced itself back together in the few episodes before Nicole's return and now you can just sense the writers collectively give a damn again. Sami and EJ have improved a bit, more EJ then Sami. I'm not shocked given Nicole seems to be the one characters since she returned in 2008 to get consistently direction and good writing. You can tell everyone has a blast writing for her and the writers almost seemed as bored without her in the story as the audience did. It's like they focused on Rafe because he's the show's current "John Black' but the story itself and Sami and EJ they couldn't be bothered with so they half-assed it all until they remembered Nicole was coming and they cared again. It's hilarious LOL but I was prepared for it and they are very lucky the Carly/Melanie/etc stuff carried things.

Anyway, that was a long rambling and I'm not even sure I covered everything or said everything like I wanted to but whatever. It's been a solid two weeks.
The biggest problem is twofold. Sami is one of daytime's most famous characters, but as a bitch and not a heroine. Also, Rafe is played by the worst actor on Days. Until recently I thought that honor went to Nadia, but she has been showing signs of life and Galen is just a lost cause.
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