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As you may recall, controversial writer Kola Boof (famously known as Osama bin Laden's former "sex slave"/mistress) wrote for Days of Our Lives in 2006. She was a ghost-writer on the show for a short while and (allegedly) created the character of EJ DiMera before Hogan Sheffer took over as headwriter that fall.

Despite her (lengthy?) ghost-writing term, she was only "officially" credited for penning two episodes due to her scandalized background.

Earlier tonight, she unleashed a barrage of "insider scoop" about Days of Our Lives on Twitter.
I created E.J. by myself & then "filled in" as HW until Beth Milstein could get free at the end of summer 2006

My "Black Glove" story on Days was to introduce E.J. and bring Susan & Kristen back for a big Marlena story.

But the Powers that Be...didnt' like Marlena. Too expensive, diva behavior, etc. It was hectic.

I got caught sucking James Scott's dick in the men's room...that's why I left "DOOL."

I sucked his dick AFTER I was fired from the show. Going away present from my "baby."

Just kidding about James Scott!! LOL!

The two guys on the show who really liked me though were Matthew Ashford (who was leaving) & Austin Peck.

I got Austin Peck over to ATWT. You can ask Chris Goutman.

Also had "huge" role in casting James Scott as E.J., my baby. Steve wyman & Ken & I cast that role. Wont belive who NBC wanted

It's sad what a good story I was going to do 4 Stephen Nichols. "Folks" & NBC both dictated we do something w/Submarine instead

Austin Peck was SO SWEET to me on "Dool." Just a dear heart. Like I said, he and Matthew Ashford were the friendliest men.

OH GOD....don't even bring up that Miss Piggy looking bitch Alison Sweeney. Can we say "Pickled Pig's Foot" and BARF? Hysterical why-Y-nch

My favorite character on the show now is Nicole. GOD! I would have killed to write for her. Glad Vivian's back, too.

There was THREE OF US (Steve, Ken & ME) who picked James Scott to be E.J. The network wanted _____. Cant say it for a reason.

"Steve Wyman" would have let me do anything I wanted with that show. WRITING-wise. But not production.

I had made Sami's son "Will" gay. And it was APPROVED. I begged & begged & NBC said "YES."

We were going to "AGE" Will a good 5 years and have the Gay story I wanted. It wasn't to be anything MAJOR, very "back up" & low key.

KEN is really who has to approve your story ideas. But with a lot of shit, Gay Will, the "N" word scene w/Celeste...NBC had to hold a Meeting

OH GOD....the "ice cream" parties. You gotta love Ken. He's an original.

Alison Sweeney is no Deidre Hall, never will be. At least I didnt mind being shitted on by Marlena, she's a legend. But Gerbil Girl?

I "loved" Alison Sweeney until I came to the show. It was THERE that I got a "Slap" in the back.

This is why I WISH I had that show right now. I'd take Nicole and put the focus where it needs to be---on NICOLE. A real star & actress.

Don't even bring up skeletal Tranny-looking Kristian Alfonso. She grows hair in her ears & got more bones in her face than a bike spoke.

A certain somebody "HATED" working with Kristian, hated writing for her, and it's the ONE & ONLY thing we agreed on...her emaciated ass.

She has a problem with Anorexia but nobody's allowed to talk about it. Seriously.

Kristian Alfonso, Alison Sweeney...they DESERVE what I'm saying. They were RACIST spoiled WhiteBitches

I wish the "underlings" on that show could have loved me & appreciated me like Ken and Steve did. Peter hated "BlackHW"...HATED

I WANTED to get this out for YEARS. Peter Brash hated reporting 2 Black W HeadWriter

I'm being nasty about that racist Water-only-thanksgiving throwing Bitch Kristian Alfonso.

You know what really HURT ME about Kristian Alfonso....I loved her so much when I came. IDOLIZED her for YEARS.

Imagine loving & idolizing this character as a kid...then U come to theShow & she's telling EXEC. "we're WHITE characters"

NONE...not one of the MEN complained about a Black Woman writing them....but these THREE WHITE DOUCHE BAGS were so blatant. So Racist.

I wrote the Belle, Mimi EMBRYO stuff. But blame the "poor execution" on that NITWIT racist Imitation Bitch Peter Brash.

I like Farah Fath. I loved her at DAYS. I feel & felt she's good

The Mimi and Belle story was.....so convaluted; written to last like 5 years...that it's impossible to tell what was to happen. It wasMajor.

You know who had a BIBLE written up against mine to take the Co-HW job with Big Jerry Riley?? PETER BRASH. And mine BEAT his!!!

I wish the fuck they WOULD try to sue me.....MAMA's got more up these sleeves than ARMS, baby cakes.

I will NEVER say a bad thing about Suzanne Rogers (Maggie). True, true life angel. LOVE HER!

The first day I met Kristian Alfonso, Steve Wyman introduced us, she looked at me like I was a burglar. No smile, just a cold blank stare.

I thought...OK. That's just Kristian. Not the friendly type right away. I ignored it. But by the end of the week...RACIAL QUESTIONS

SHE DID IT....she went to the Front Office and was "Concerned" if a Black Woman could write White Characters. NONE OF THE MEN DID THAT SHIT

Once they learned on the set about Bin Laden....Sweeney & Deidre Hall were next. IN FAIRNESS THO, Peter Brash "instigated" Sweeney/Deidre

It was Peter Brash constantly "PHONING" people and putting "FEAR" in their minds. He did that with Alison & Deidre. MADE THEM FEAR ME

That shit HURT like you will never know...because MY DUMB ASS was practically for Marlena to have airtime DAILY. I was her biggest FAN!

The "MYTH MAKERS" over at SON keep trying to convince everyone that "DAYS" is headed by Gary Tomlin. It's Dena Higley's ship. SHE CALLS SHOTS

What you have at SON....are a bunch of Bitchy Gay HAS BEENS who like to **BIG UP** Gary Tomlin because he's male & gay. DENA is that SHOW

Anytime that DENA goes to Ken & says "I want a new EP"....TOMLIN's ancient ass will be GONE. And that's for real. Don't buy the HYPE.
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