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For those who are interested, here is her original "story bible" for Days of Our Lives, as well as a video documenting her creation of EJ Wells DiMera. (Skip to 3:08)

Kola's Story Bible
Stephen Wyman hired me to work at "Days of Our Lives." I was
to work directly with James E. Reilly as a "Ghost Writer."

That was in March 2006, but NBC took 3 weeks to approve me.

The day I reported for work, around April 4th 2006, I was
told that James E. Reilly had told Ken Corday to kiss off and
had cut down all ties with the show, threatening to quit.

This was sad, because I had learned English watching "DOOL"
as a child and desperately wanted to work with my idol, James
E. Reilly. I didn't however think his 2nd term on the show was
going very well...and he became upset when he heard that.

With Reilly gone, I was given a sheet of paper that had only
two words on it: "E.J. Wells."

I was told that Reilly intended to introduce the character and
was going to assign me the job of writing the "Character Bible"
for this character.

NBC called in various reporters, The NY POST, Globe, etc.
to interview about the "creation" of this character. It became a
full story in the NY Post. In only 2 weeks, I had created E. J. Wells
to be a race car driver obsessed with avenging his mental patient
mother, Susan Banks, by making Sammi Brady fall in love with him
so that he could kill her. From there he would continue to stalk and
take revenge on both the Brady clan and his father, Stefano.

All of that was written by me just as the NY Post reported. No one else.

Stephen and Ken loved it and requested that I "Ghost-Write the show" until
they could find a Head Writer. This was in April and I immediately began to
"tweak" the plot that James Reilly had already written. I quickened the pace
to be quite fast, because I wanted to get to my own story ideas.

Specifically E.J. and the "glove" and my plan to have Abe Carver beat
up cheating wife Lexie (into a coma) & run off with Mimi's mother Bonnie.

At this same time, I planned on Mimi's twin sister Tallulah, a southern prostitute
who Hogan Sheffer later brought on as "Willow"--but destroyed the character
by not making her a deep south prostitute. I hated his version of the character,
because my "Tallulah" was based more on Another World's Rachel Davis and was
coming Salem to learn how to read via her twin Mimi (Bonnie had sold one of the
girls out of desperation when she'd given birth).

I'd also written Alice Horton into Patch and Kayla's return. I wrote that the city of
Salem would give Alice a "100th Birthday" celebration, and at that event, Alice
would begin to "pretend" to be Senile/memory loss so that she could help Patch
foil the "evil agents" that were in a submarine at the bottom of Lake Salem.

These "submarine people" at the bottom of Lake Salem were also connected to
E.J. Wells and would be instrumental in my re-introduction of Susan Banks, and
ultimately, Kristen.

In my storyline, Patch was "faking" his amnesia all the time and Alice Horton knew

This was how I had gotten the job--by writing a very powerful bible for the show,
and now because James Reilly had bailed without notice, pieces of my storylines were actually being implemented.

Peter Brash and a woman named Jean, our script editor, were
put in charge of training me, but weren't told exactly what for.

In reality, I was head-writing the show.

Stephen and Ken introduced me to Beth Milstein who would not
be able to join the show until the end of the Summer 2006.

I wrote as a "Ghost Writer" from April 2006 until somewhere in
July (my work was onscreen long after the Bin Laden scandal broke
and I was let go).

Stephen and Ken did not want to fire me. NBC forced them to.

The plan had been for me and Hogan Sheffer to work as a duo. But
then Jiff Peanut Butter and Tide Detergent made serious threats to
boycott the show if "Bin Laden's mistress" wasn't let go. The show
is truly a Bible Belt soap. People were concerned about my ties to
Terrorist leaders, and though no one would dare publicly admit it,
there were MANY writers furious that a Black African Woman was
being given such position and not them.

Peter Brash was one such person. He did everything he could to
undermine me and was quite upset when he discovered by accident
that I was the one sending him "the glove" and having meetings
with NBC and SONY to get permission for Celeste to call Abe
the "N" word.

I had a scene where Celeste says to Abe--"N**** please!" indignantly
and NBC had meetings for 10 days over this, as well as my new illiterate
prostitute Tallulah Fletcher, the Rachel Davis-like character.

None of that was to be as I was railroaded out of the show by the sponsors.

Three stars of the show also wanted me gone---Deidre Hall (who played my
favorite character Marlena), Kristian Alfonso (Hope) and Alison Sweeney
(Sammi Brady) all made it clear to NBC that they feared my background,
feared the studio being blown up (smh) and wanted someone else in
general to helm the show.

Additionally, people at "SON" message board launched a smear campaign
against me and created all manner of lies and personal attacks on me. They
sent me racist messages in my email and joined with their friend Peter Brash
in defaming and lying on me. Peter claimed that he didn't want to be head
writer of the show, yet he was campaigning for it and many of the people at
SON wanted him and some other woman, Cwikley or something back in

I, being not of the soap world, was dismayed and fell victim to people's
belief in SON and other soap mavens who I'd thought were my friends.

Luckily, my presence had caused a whirlwind of mainstream publicity for
"DOOL" and SONY PICTURES simply whisked me to some other projects,
including Ghost Writing for another daytime show. My name was simply
withheld from sponsors.

Ken felt bad that my name was never in the credits, so he allowed me
to write TWO EPISODES of the actual show that I could be credited
on screen. Those aired in August 2006.

I love soap operas. They are an intricate part of my personal development
as an American citizen, and I am very good at writing and crafting them.

Unfortunately, because of the scandal surrounding me, I never got to
show what I could actually do. Fresh young blood like mine, in fact, was
not allowed by any of the shows after I was ushered into "Ghost-Land."
The regular stand-bys like Peter Brash led a campaign to convince the
networks that soaps would die faster if a bunch of "young crazies like
Kola Boof" were brought in. After all, what did we know about these
shows and how to write them?

To this day, I remain friends with everyone I worked with at "DOOL."

I have nothing against anyone in the soap business....and I completely
adored the "Fans" at all the boards. They IMO were far more sensible
and 'soap loving' than the Suits who attended our meetings at NBC.

I knew the fans were rooting for the show and I wanted to please
them, not scorn and play games with them. I never did that no matter
what lies are invented and spread about me.

Kola Boof
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