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Mar 16 2010, 04:13 PM
Mar 16 2010, 04:07 PM
Renee Jones and James Reynolds are both great actors, Renee's my favorite. But as a couple they don't work, and TPTB refuse the break up the token black couple.
It really does seem like they were trying to match these two characters like one matches their shoes to their handbag. It does not reflect America in the modern age at all imo.
Yes when new viewers come they always think Abe is her father. I think Celeste should come back engaged and realized that she is still married to Stefano which would invalidate his marriage to Kate (they never ever said Stefano and Celeste were married, but u can always write that in).

I also thought another good storyline Idea would be to have Lexie have a troubled teenage cousin come to town to stay with them in hopes of reforming him. But he continues to get into trouble and Bo accidently shoots hims and Lexie seeks revenge because her husband won't do it and the Salem PD stick up for one another. This could cause her to turn bad again, destroy her marriage to Abe, and give Stefano a new vessel in-which to enact his plans. Stefano could then groom Lexie to run the Dimera empire which would cause friction between she and her brother EJ. Celeste would return to try and save her daughter and would seek to pretend to re-fall in love with Stefano in hopes of convincing him to get Lexie out of the Dimera organization.
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