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Mar 17 2010, 04:22 PM
I must say...I love all the returns, but the more announcements that are made about people returning the more pissed off I become. Reason being: when Drake/Dee, Stephen/Mary Beth, and Thaoo/Leann were all fired it was because of the "budget." The more people that they hire help to solitify the fact that all of the "budget" mess was total and complete Bullshit! Fire 6 people to save money, but then hire more people than you fired originally!! UGH!!! :shrug: :frustration: :headbang:

Leann was not on contract and came as a package deal with Thaao, no doubt.

Thaao, Dee, and Drake are more expensive contracts, having been veterans with the show a cumulative 20-30 years. Stephen and Mary Beth were lesser expensive contracts.

No one knows what the money is with some of the returns. Those who are returning simply for Alice may not be making anything, if rumors can be trusted. If they are, its chump change in comparison to those contracts. It's not a simple ratio.

However, I've never bought the budget crisis, either. The reasons they were cut was more politics than anything. GT wanted to change the shape of the show and couldn't do that as long as there were so many front-burner vets. Doesn't have any impact on these short-term returns, though, IMO.
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