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Please link to DR.

Anna comes through for Nicole and she gets her pardon. At first it doesn’t look like Anna will be able to persuade the governor to let Nicole go. Nicole gets impatient and calls Anna on the phone and doesn’t like what she hears, so she then calls Rafe. Ari says, “Nicole feels she has a better chance if she tells him what’s going on so Anna can’t screw her.”

Rafe arrives at the prison and Nicole is about to spill the beans. She tells him she remembers who took Sydney, but the guard then hands her the phone and it’s the governor telling her she has a pardon. When she is off the phone Rafe wants to know what she was going to say and she tells him it was Kate. Rafe says to her, ‘We’ve already been down this road. It’s not Kate. It’s Anna, isn’t it?’ Nicole says no and she swears that it was Kate. Ari says, “So she totally wastes his time, but he knows she’s lying. She doesn’t care.”

The first thing Nicole does when she is released is call Brady’s office. But, he is in Santo Domingo, so Nicole buys a plane ticket and flies down there to surprise him. She gets her hair lightened there too.

When Nicole arrives at the hotel, she is stunned to discover Brady and Arianna are there to elope. “She is not down there to break up a marriage or anything else. She’s down there to say, ‘Honey, I’m home. Let’s do this,’” says Ari. “And it just bursts her bubble.” Then Fay arrives. She is there to try and reason with Nicole and tells her she can’t just run off and try to break up a marriage. Nicole swears she didn’t know and Fay tells her not to do anything stupid.

It turns out that Nicole doesn’t have to. The marriage doesn’t happen due to forces out of all of their control….
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