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The mystery of Sydney’s kidnapping starts unraveling when Rafe figures out that Anna took her and he sets out to uncover whom she was working with.

Nicole summons Rafe to her jail cell. Galen says, “As much as Nicole is clever and conniving, sometimes Rafe can glean information from her. So he goes to see Nicole, thinking she might disclose something to him.”

Nicole thinks Anna is stringing her along and not trying to get the governor to pardon her, so she prepares to spill the beans about Anna taking Sydney. A guard interrupts and announces that she has a call from the governor. Nicole finds out she’s been pardoned! Rafe is suspicious.

Rafe’s suspicions intensify when Nicole starts pointing the finger at Kate and insisting that she took Sydney. “Rafe knows that’s not true. Kate’s already been cleared, “ explains GG. “He also realizes someone got to the governor. Rafe tells Nicole he’s going to get the bottom of this.”

Rafe then confronts Governor Ford. Rafe asks him what is going on and if he doesn’t that he will open up an investigation. But, the governor does him to go ahead and do that. Galen says, “Rafe is like, ‘Damn it!’ Clearly, something is going on and someone is behind it. The question is, who?”

Rafe’s sleuthing leads him to Victor, who recently had the governor at his mansion. Rafe ask if anyone at the party spoke to the governor and Victor tells him that Anna DiMera did. Rafe then realizes that she had to be the one to get Nicole the pardon.

His next step is to question EJ. “He tells EJ he thinks Anna took Sydney and that she was working with someone, but EJ claims not to know anything and denies any involvement,” sighs Galen.

Although he is still suspicious of his nemesis, there isn’t any proof that EJ was involved. Galen says, “Certainly, EJ’s behavior has been weird, but what sense would it make for a father to kidnap his own daughter?”

Rafe could very well find out when he receives a call from a fellow agent that Nicole has been spotted in Santo Domingo. Rafe quickly makes plans to fly there and grill Nicole about Anna. “He thinks Nicole may know who Anna was working with or at least give him a clue as to who it is. Then Rafe can finally solve this thing once and for all,” says Galen.

Little does Rafe know it might be easier than he thinks – Anna has just arrived in Santo Domingo, too.
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