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Mar 18 2010, 02:13 PM
Galen says, “Certainly, EJ’s behavior has been weird, but what sense would it make for a father to kidnap his own daughter?”

Gee . . . it might make more sense if you think of it in terms of a father wanting to exact a little revenge on the attempt by the mother to keep the same child from him. I'm not on the "Rafe is a dumbfuck excuse for an FBI agent" bandwagon, but that is simply ridiculous that knowing everything he knows, neither he nor Sami can possibly imagine EJ's motives. Especially since EJ had Sami's own cousin kidnapped less than a year ago. I mean, with all the crimes EJ's committed we're supposed to believe that nobody can imagine him stealing his own daughter?

DrewHamilton, I asked that question in the thread about Nicole's return. I think it is. Though who knows whether it will tie into Dr. Baker's return somehow.

Thanks for posting, Angie!
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