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Mar 18 2010, 02:50 PM
Mar 18 2010, 02:42 PM
Mar 18 2010, 02:13 PM
Galen says, “Certainly, EJ’s behavior has been weird, but what sense would it make for a father to kidnap his own daughter?”

Gee . . . it might make more sense if you think of it in terms of a father wanting to exact a little revenge on the attempt by the mother to keep the same child from him. I'm not on the "Rafe is a dumbfuck excuse for an FBI agent" bandwagon, but that is simply ridiculous that knowing everything he knows, neither he nor Sami can possibly imagine EJ's motives. Especially since EJ had Sami's own cousin kidnapped less than a year ago. I mean, with all the crimes EJ's committed we're supposed to believe that nobody can imagine him stealing his own daughter?
For Rafe to see revenge as a possible motive of EJ's wouldn't that require him to comprehend that there was at least something potentially wrong with what Sami (and he) were trying to do to keep EJ from his own child?

Because Rafe has never shown to this point that he thinks he did anything wrong drawing up those fraudulent adoption papers to take a kid from a man he said was a good dad, so I don't know why he would come to that realization now.
Rafe could acknowledge that similarity but still rationalize it to himself that they were trying to keep Sydney from the DiMeras. I seem to recall that Sami did sometimes mention that EJ himself was a factor in her not telling him about the pregnancy--I know she told him that when she revealed that he had impregnated her (she said she was trying to protect Grace from having a father like him), and her realization that he had put out a hit on Philip confirmed for her that she was right not to tell him. Plus, even if Sami had merely always said it was Stefano she feared, not EJ, she clearly didn't trust EJ to keep his child safe, which to me bespeaks a lack of faith in his parenting skills. A point reinforced by him raising his daughter in the DiMansion side by side with Stefano.
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