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Mar 18 2010, 03:12 PM
I have always wondered just exactly what is it that says the adoption papers were not legal? I have looked up several legal sites and asked if there is any law that says a woman has to inform the father of a child that she is pregnant. There is no LEGAL requirement, unless you are trying to get child support. As to moral requirements, from what this Ej has been like, I would give Sami a pass on that as well.

That being said, anyone can go to Nolo Press and get papers to file for adoption. Rafe did not need to get any illegal papers, this is just silly writing or silly supposition, as I do not remember this ever being said that Rafe had done anything illegal.

Once you fill out papers you go to the court and get them approved and filed. Rafe needed Sami's permission, and I think she gave it to him without reservation.

Grace was baptised under her mother's maiden name, so I do not even think there is an issue of a false birth certificate either.

Rafe and Sami did not do anything ILLEGAL, and it was never processed anyway.
I don't think what they did was all that illegal either, immoral yes. As far as my understanding, a mother can put whoever she wants on the birth cert. look at the circumstances of a woman who slept with multiple partners and one night stands, ends up pregnant and doesn't even have the foggiest idea of the fathers name even. I believe some people write "unknown".
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