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Viewing Single Post From: Controversial Former DAYS Writer Dishes the Dirt!

Mar 20 2010, 03:25 PM
She sounds like a hoot and who can blame her for wanting to suck James Scott's cock. I wouldn't be shocked to learn that Alfonso is homophobe and a racist, but am a little surprised that she would have the kind of juice to get a writer fired. I've always heard that no one really took her seriously outside of her Q rating.
It was actually TIDE and JIFF Peanut butter sponsers that made NBC bow. I honestly dont give a crap who these people are in real life. They arent my friends or neighbours. They are hired to act in a show I watch. If she has a personal issue with these people, because she unlike us...worked with them, she should take it directly to them. If she is the badass she claims to be, tell them DIRECTLY to their face. Unless of course, there are two sides to a story...and OMG....that could never happen now could it?????
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