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Awwww... I loved this show so much! I followed it through several network changes here in Croatia, just to see it end. I didn't have DSL connection back then and I didn't use internet much, so all I had was TV. It started on Croatian TV, but ended after season 1. Then 2nd season I watched on Bosnian TV and 3rd season I watched on another Bosnian TV network. LOL

It was SO POPULAR here... I remember when it was canncelled after only 1 year, for YEARS later people kept asking if they would continue airing it.

But I agree, years 1 and 2 have been AMAZING soap! Year 3 was pretty boring IMO. The stories slowed down and got too stretched out.

After it finished, I even wrote a Sunset Beach fan fiction.. it had like 100 episodes and I even had a pretty good number of people reading it every day.
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