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Jan 5 2010, 07:28 PM
So who was Gabi? Who raped her? I saw a YT promo about her rape trial.
Gabi came to town as Paula's sister. Paula was a cop, dating another cop, Ricardo Torres. Gabi tried everything to break up Paula and Ricardo and eventually, she got Ricardo to sleep with her. Then she accused him of rape, but during her witness testimony, she broke down in tears, remembering that it was her FATHER who raped her when she was a child and not Ricardo. Soon after Paula left town, hurt by Ricardo's deceit and a little after that Gabi and Ricardo became a couple and she basically became a good girl... well, then she had sex with Ricardo's brother who was a priest! :lol: Then they lied and lied about it, until a video tape of them having sex showed up, Ricardo saw it and had a stroke...

Awwww... so good!

But I actually LOVED Antonio and Gabi. They were much hotter than Ricardo and Gabi. Although they dragged out Ricardo finding out for SO LONG! And I didn't like Ricardo going mad and trying to kill Gabi and Antonio... that was a bit too much, IMO.
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