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Apr 5 2010, 02:04 PM
Could Sami have been more clear she doesnt want EJ. She jumped up like her pants were on fire at the mere idea of EJ wanting her again. It makes me sad that this is what James has been reduced to. Having his character grovel to that cow. what's next? EJ getting on his knees and begging? Nicole is doing the same thing to a lesser degree. At least she has some hope because Brady did say he loved her. But EJ? Not a crumb. Sami wants her daddy clone and someone the opposite of who she was. So she can feel like a good person and be accepted. She isnt giving up her glitter crown for Dimera. :lol: I think she is scared EJ will pull down to who she used to be.
What is sad about James character is not that he is groveling to Sami, but that he ever was made so stupid as to become involved with Nicole. That is what started his character on the road to ruin. They had to make him the village idiot to make it believable that he would swallow her shtick.

Now it looks like Brady is stepping back into the dummie role he almost escaped.

Nicole is a succubus. I like her character in that role, it is when they try and make her sympathetic that she becomes pathetic. Put her in the mix with Kate and Vivian. Have her go after Philip again.
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