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Viewing Single Post From: SOD: Stefano Blackmails EJ
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Some people are alive only because itís illegal to kill them.

Apr 6 2010, 10:11 PM
Apr 6 2010, 09:56 PM
From Sami's perspective, she has no reason to doubt him. "Everything she's seen of him is that he's a stand-up guy and a great father," notes portrayer Alison Sweeney. "To her inner self, she obviously feels the connection betweenthem and he has certainly given her a few subtle looks and moments where she has felt, 'Oh God, there is something still there,' but I think to anyone else she would deny it, mostly to herself. She's trying to pretend that that's not a part of the equation and he's just a friend and a father to her kids."

But by week's end Stefano is clued into the fact that EJ is still carrying a torch for Sami. "The sad thing is that in having this secret and in recognizing that he loves her, it's going to be really nice and he will really regret what he's done,' says Scott. "[The realization] truly represents his feelings for her in an honest, wholesome way that would otherwise be very admirable."

There are no words for how absolutely ridiculous this is.
First off, I am so glad that AS tells me that there were a few subtle looks and moments where she felt something because I haven't seen shit. So either the writing isn't there or the acting is so bad. Must be the acting.

And I know the reason that JS doesn't give interviews...he really sucks at it. "the sad thing is that in having this secret..., it is going to be nice and he will regret what he has done"??? WTF does that mean? He can't sell this shit for the life of him.
This is one of the sorry-est stories that could have been written for EJ and Sami...in the faking of the murdering of her daughter, he falls for her and must lie his ass off to keep her while she continues to be the clueless dimwit who can't get the other guy.

I am truly glad for anyone who can enjoy this because this story is ruining alot of this soap for me. At least there is the possiblity of Phloe!

Thanks for posting!
When James says "it's going to be nice", I assume he's referring to the viewers seeing EJ's regret.

And I think Phloe is far more than just a possibility from what I'm seeing on screen and the spoilers I've been reading.
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