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National Enquirer Spoilers
-Sami finds Rafe still looking for Anna.
-Melanie and Nathan struggle with their feelings for each other.
-Daniel walks in on Chloe talking trash about Carly.
-Arianna and Nicole are forced to worked together.

SOW Spoilers
-Hope and Adrienne go toe-to-toe over Justin.
-Stefano offers Sami a truce.
-Kate reminds Melanie of her obligations.
-Carly urges Daniel to make amends.

**UPDATED 4/9**

CDN TV Guide Spoilers
Sami wonders why Rafe is still looking for Anna; Hope and Adrienne discuss their feelings for Justin.

Hope learns that Ciara has been stealing at school; Vivian plots to have Chloe kill Carly.

Daniel gets ready for his surgery; Nicole and Arianna argue while working together.

Philip witnesses Nathan kissing Melanie; EJ suggests to Sami that she and the kids move in with him.

Sami informs Rafe of EJ's plan; Hope reveals her agenda to a poker player.

**UPDATED 4/13**

Soaps.com Spoilers
Week of April 19:

Hope expresses her concerns over Ciara to Victor.

Sami is shocked to find that Rafe is still looking for Anna.

Melanie and Nathan struggle with their feelings.

Daniel walks in on Chloe trash talking about Carly.

Arianna and Nicole are forced to work together.

Thursday April 22:
Hope runs into a familiar face at a poker game!

Friday April 23:
Philip and Chloe comfort each other over mistaken beliefs.


**UPDATED 4/14**

Daily Spoilers
Monday, April 19th
Sami rejects Stefano's offer; Adrienne and Hope talk about their feelings for Justin; Nathan and Melanie continue to struggle with their feelings.

Tuesday, April 20th
Hope receives a call from Ciara's teacher; Daniel and Chloe get into a huge argument; Nicole gets a hot tip.

Wednesday, April 21st
Vivian overhears Chloe and Daniel's argument; Hope finds Ciara in her room; Nicole wants Arianna to quit.

Thursday, April 22nd
Hope sneaks out to a poker game; Philip sees Nathan kiss Melanie; E.J. decides to share his feelings with Sami.

Friday, April 23rd
Philip and Chloe set out to confront Melanie and Daniel; Rafe can't stop thinking about Sami; Hope's secret agenda is revealed.

**UPDATED 4/15**

SOW Spoilers
-Stefano offers Sami a truce.
-Rafe is wary of EJ's reconciliation with his father.
-Lexie comes upon Abe in distress.
-Justin lays into Victor for treating him like dirt.
-EJ contemplates telling Sami he loves her.

Can't Miss:Tuesday, April 20th
Nicole and Arianna discover they're working together.
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