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Halloween Family
Apr 10 2010, 01:34 AM
Apr 9 2010, 07:19 PM
Maybe I'm giving the writers too much credit and they just wake up in a brand new world each day, hence why Carly's personality bounces from one extreme to another. But it sure seems like there's some duplicity going on with that character.

I don't think she's had a confrontation scene with Vivian yet, where she hasn't been somewhat chilling with her recounting of her capacity to murder someone. And she only acts that way when she's alone with Vivian. She even looked over her shoulder today, before she laid into Vivian, like she doesn't want to be caught acting in such a fashion. I dunno maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part, because CC plays that so well, but I find it strange behavior for a heroine character.
I am all for showing different sides to a character but if not done right it makes it seem like multiple personalities disorder. Maybe this is why I am gettting frustrated with her character. I want to be entertained by Carly but something is off. At some moments she seems to hide behind the big broad shoulders of Bo and Dan practically quaking in her boots at the sight of Viv and then she has these moments like you are talking about. Viv comes off like a yappy toy poodle intimidating the big German shepard. I can rationalize Carly being afraid of an old lady because of the trauma of being burried alive has gotta leave one fucked up but then how does she compose herself to not just be tough but almost off kilter. And then you have her overplaying what seems to be a little miss innocent act when it comes to Chloe, as if she has romantic interest in Dan. All these annoyances have led me to focus in on the actresses physical changes. I am hoping your suspicions come true because it does appear to be her strength whereas the other sides are coming off phoney. At least if the phoneyness is intentional as part of a revealing moment then it could be good. Interesting observations.
Maybe its just me or I'm delunsional I don't really see Carly interested in Daniel romantically.However this Carly/Daniel/Chloe supposed triangle is lamer than hell.I think all the characters are being idiots.I mean even Carly/Lawrence made more sense than Daniel/Carly.I mean at least they had a history twisted as it was.The only thing interesting about this story is CC and NB tweets back and forth.
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