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Had our "Best & Worst" meeting been held in May, it's a safe bet that AMC wouldn't be in this category. That it landed here after all is a testament to the remarkable turnaround effected by returning Head Writer Megan McTavish.

The first half of '03 was dominated by clunkers like "Aidan and Maureen on the run!" and "Henry cheats off Maggie's test!" But these days, our daily doses of AMC are punctuated by resurgent family units (the Chandlers; the Martins; the ever-expanding Kane/Montgomerys), plots that are innovative and engaging (e.g., the one-of-a-kind Lena/Bianca/Maggie triangle) and some of daytime's zippiest dialogue (our rewind buttons get a regular workout thanks to characters like Tad, Mary, Reggie and Palmer).

If you haven't paid a visit to Pine Valley in awhile, take our word for it - now is a perfect time to come on back.

As much as I hated McTavish's writing by the time she left the latter half of 2003 (as well as early 2004) was quite good.
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