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Apr 12 2010, 10:00 PM
I'm wondering now since the D.A has already said that it was Rafe that attacked him, if they will investigate him for Justin's mugging. Maybe that's the reason why he goes to the Heart. If that's it, he'll start investigating these muggings and discover that it's Hope. Rafe will tell Bo about this and the Hope storyline will become the Bo and Hope storyline. Carly and Daniel will work on her medically and become closer and Bo will be a support to her and they will get back together. Ok, that's what I think may happen!!
I hope this is what happens. But with these writers who knows? Ciara's going to be stealing at school so I wonder if she is the one doing the stealing and Hope's the one hitting people on their heads!
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He probably knows what's wrong with Hope and using it to his advantage!
I just hope he doesn't take advantage of her in bed! I so hope they don't go there though!
I think he will get found out and Rafe and Bo will nail him for the baby stuff as well!
Shane can't get here soon enough for me!
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