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Apr 12 2010, 09:32 PM
I'm sick of the head stuff too! And I hate that the writers are playing head games with us!
We shouldn't have to be guessing everything with this sl. Soaps are supposed to be a pleaseure to watch and a stress reliever! They are not supposed to be causing people stress and anger!
I shouldn't have to study a soap for signs or try to work out whats going on.
Soaps are supposed to be fun and about romance not multiple brain injuries and people running around being total whackjobs! This stuff doesn't belong on soaps.
I'm wondering if one of the writers at Days has gone Psychotic!
This Hope sl sounds Psychotic and for someone to then put it in a soap it makes me wonder if the writer is a bit loony themselves!
"Head games" WHY did you say that? LOL
And I agree with you, and still maintain that it's NOT a crime, nor something to pyschoanalyze if someone just happened to forget something that happened a month or so ago on a show. Now, they COULD bring it back as a flashback,and that would work.
But yeah, these head injuries are so..............blech.
There are other ways to bring Hope into her own without causing blood clots, contusions, concussions, lesions, or whatever. Shoot, I'd rather find out that Vivian was slowly giving her mind-altering drugs than another head injury.
Now, we add JUSTIN to the mix who got boinked on the head. Stop the insanity!
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