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Nov 30 2009, 04:52 PM
Nov 29 2009, 07:56 PM


What should have been one of the most romantic moments of 2003 turned out to be its most disappointing. Instead of the lavish, week-long weddings DAYS usually produces, Jack and Jen's second-time-around nuptials were crammed into one episode. The vows were cut short, the reception was quick and you never saw the Deverauxes on their honeymoon. Having Jamie Lyn Bauer back as Laura was a highlight, but the absence of Jen's father, Bill, and brother Mike was glaring. (Half-brother Lucas was an able stand-in, but when Jack turned up dead five months later, did it seem plausible that his best man offed him? Um, no.) Perhaps the biggest slap, though, was that the wedding played second fiddle to the fact that it was being aired in Salem on Jack and Jen's show IN THE HOUSE. That's just bad programming all around.
I didn't know their second wedding was bad compared to their great first wedding in 1991. Jack and Jennifer remarry in May 2003 until Jack was presumably killed by the Salem Stalker that October. Jack was soon alive along with the other victims the following year and he and Jen have reunited ever since they now left town in 2006.
It was pretty disappointing, in addition to the things SOD stated the dialog was utterly banal (the music and setting too, though the budget's an issue there). J&J should never be as trite and Hallmark lovey dovey as they were under Higley. Also it was rushed in terms of placement in their overall storyline. And on a superficial note - Jennifer's dress? Ummm.

I know, I know. Cry moar. It's just the first time they used that poem, it was so beautiful. Second time? So banal.
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