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Apr 13 2010, 02:06 PM
Ellie, I don't know if this is a problem with my computer or not but the link led me to a blank page. I love the fact that you put the working mother bit in quotes.

Ali wants to work two jobs, three jobs, not take maternity leaves fine I respect her work ethic but I chafe at her trying to brand herself (which she most assuredly is doing) as some everyday workaday mother just like the rest of us slobs out here doing it all, trying to have it all and struggling to find the balance between work and family. There is just something so disingenuous about it and I just don't believe what she says especially when she lays out her schedule as she just did.

I often also wonder if this attempt to brand herself somehow coincides with the Marlenazination of Sami. Did Sami's whitewash happen around the same time Ali got the biggest loser gig?
Yes, her glitter got an extra dose around the time she got TBL gig.

Don't forget that ALL of us can lose the weight too...just have to go to 8987786 spin classes after your TWO jobs.

I wonder how's she going to squeeze in family time when she inevitably does a book tour when her book comes out. She could always QUIT DAYS!!!! (I know- wishful thinking!)
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