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WEEK OF MAY 1 - MAY 5, 1995
Lucas Roberts realized the only thing that would break off Carrie Brady & Austin Reed's engagement is for her sister Sami Brady to return home and tell Carrie that she slept with Austin. Carrie stopped Austin, who wanted to tell her that Sami was the "other woman" he slept with so there would be no secrets between them. Billie Reed still suspected the pilot of her mother Kate Roberts' plane had been drugged even though the thermos Vivian Alamain's dog dug up had been washed clean. Billie vowed to keep tabs on Vivian, who she believes had something to do with the plane crash. Vivian promised to help Lucas take Carrie away from Austin when he agreed to help Vivian take over his mother Kate's old job. Daniel Scott went out with Laura Horton to convince Peter Blake to pay him more blackmail money. The Devil foiled Kristen DiMera's Holy water test, but she still thinks Dr. Marlena Evans is possessed. The Devil repossessed Marlena by using her daughter Sami's voice and image to lure her out of the safety of a church.
NOTE: Nick Benedict returns as Curtis Reed (flashbacks) on May 2, 1995.

WEEK OF MAY 8 - MAY 12, 1995
Kristen DiMera learned from three scholars who translated the scrolls Father Francis had, that an evil would be unleashed in Salem when the stars fall and the moon goes dark. John Black didn't believe Kristen's talk about the prophecy. A possessed Dr. Marlena Evans plotted to get rid of Kristen because of what she knows. A possessed Marlena vowed revenge when John nixed making love. The Devil (Marlena) caused Shawn Brady to be bitten by a swarm of bees. While helping Gina with her police training, Bo Brady was reminded of his believed dead wife Hope Brady. Gina and Bo were unaware that a puzzlebox stolen during a pawn shop robbery could prove that Gina is really Hope. Thieves threw the puzzlebox in a trash can. Stefano DiMera ordered his adopted son Peter Blake to get him out of jail or he will tell Jennifer Horton of Peter's connection to Stefano. At Vivian Alamain's suggestion, Lucas Roberts threw an engagement party for Carrie Brady & his brother Austin Reed. Jennifer told her ex-husband Jack Devereaux what they once had is over.

WEEK OF MAY 15 - MAY 19, 1995
Lexie Carver was upset that her Aunt Frankie (Celeste Perrault) burned a letter Lexie's parents had left Frankie before they died. Celeste vowed that Lexie msut never know the truth about the letter. Jennifer Horton became worried about her ex-husband Jack Devereaux when he did not come home. Jennifer was surprised to later find Jack at the homeless shelter she was doing a story on. John Black rescued Kristen DiMera, whom Dr. Marlena Evans tied up and left on the roof of her building after Kristen learned Marlena really is possessed. John learned Marlena is possessed when he, Stefano DiMera, and Father Francis found her levitating above the bed. Stefano, who is out on bail, blamed himself for Marlena's condition. Father Francis told John that exorcism is the only thing that will save Marlena from the Devil. Bo Brady told Billie Reed (who I think are married, but I forget -- Matt) that he loves her after he helped Gina cope with a nightmare.

WEEK OF MAY 22 - MAY 26, 1995
John Black and Father Francis msut convince the bishop before an exorcism can be performed so they tak ehim to see Dr. Marlena Evans and arrive just in time to save Dr. Mike Horton and Caroline Brady. One look at Marlena floating above the bed is enough to get them the okay to try to drive out the Devil. Kristen DiMera is also enlisted to help the two priests as John blames her adoptive father Stefano DiMera for setting up the situation. The new Jack Devereaux wants his ex-wife Jennifer Horton to know what a rat Peter Blake is, for her own sake. Lucas Roberts gives Vivian Alamain an ultimatum to show proof that she is breaking up Carrie Brady & his brother Austin Reed's relationship. Meanwhile, as Carrie & Austin continue to make wedding plans, her sister Sami Brady's got plans of her own.
NOTE: Tara Reid begins as Ashley on May 24, 1995.

WEEK OF MAY 29 - JUNE 2, 1995
Realizing that her mechanizations have not gotten her closer to winning Victor Kiriakis' love, Vivian Alamain decided to be herself. Carrie Brady & Austin Reed made wedding plans, unaware that her sister Sami Brady is headed back to Salem with the intention of breaking them up and getting him for herself. Jack Devereaux and Gina became friendly. Bo Brady comforted Gina, who wants desperately to be his late wife Hope Brady. Bo told Gina that he is convinced Hope is dead. Gina had a Hope memory that was not in the memory book Stefano DiMera used to make her think she was Hope. Alice Horton realized the puzzlebox will prove Gina is her granddaughter Hope. Craig (I'm not sure who this is, but I'm sure it's not Craig Wesley -- Matt) donated the puzzlebox to a rummage sale. Father Francis, John Black, Kristen DiMera, and Caroline Brady began Dr. Marlena Evans' exorcism. John caught on when the Devil tried to take his soul by using an image of John's dead wife Isabella Black. Peter Blake failed in an attempt to get Jack to display his quick temper. Jennifer Horton was upset her daughter Abby Devereaux was injured by a doll Peter gave her.
NOTE: Staci Greason returns as a ghostly Isabella Toscano Black on May 31, 1995.
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