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Apr 13 2010, 09:34 PM
I think this Hope sl will be overshadowed but the Alice tribute and the returning vets. Everyone's going to be so hyped up about the vets returning that this sl may fail to make an impact. If this sl doesn't include Bo then I fail to see how this sl will stand out when all these vets are returning. With the Alice tribute happening now was really not the time to be doing a Hope sl especially if she is going to be going around whacking people on the head. To do the Alice tribute right Hope needs to be sane!
Hopefully Jen will talk some sense into Hope when she returns!
Then again if Hope's turned into a full blown nutter by then who knows!
I disagree. I think it's the perfect time to give Hope a big storyline. Lapsed viewers are going to be tuning back in for Alice's tribute. They need a big storyline amongst the main cast to be running simultaneous, so that you can hook viewers to stick around, after the Alice stuff is over.

They did a wonderful job of this, during Mickey's death, by interweaving Carly's storyline into it. If I hadn't already been watching, I know that confrontation scene between Carly and Hope at Mickey's wake would have been enough to reel me back in. I feel like that's why they carried a lot those rating gains into sweeps.

Unfortunately, while Carly's storyline was peaking, I don't think they did as good a job of transitioning Sami, EJ, Rafe and Nicole back into being the A storyline again and we've seen major ratings drops since then.

Of course the caveat to this working out is Hope's storyline can't suck.
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