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Apr 13 2010, 10:00 PM
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I'm not going to bash Ali for her parenting skills or choices. It's her life and her family, so I cannot say what effect her choices are having on Megan and Ben. As a parent and a professional, I won't go there with her, or anyone for that matter. Being a parent should be a persons TOP priority, and God knows parenting is my life, but my occupation is also a major part of my life, and allows me to give my kids all they need, and most of the things they want.

Now on the Days front...yes the cheap comment was a shot at the production process. A comment like that is major folks, and really rare coming from a person working at Days. Most of the Days family will not discuss issues like that at all, so it must be getting bad behind the scenes, and there has to be some sort of negative talk taking place, just my take based on a pattern.
The show has been dirt cheap since October 2008 (and it was getting cheaper and cheaper before that). There were no questions about the morale last year and things were just as cheap now.

I think some are getting wrapped up in the PR and KA interviews lately where they talked about the writing. I don't think morale is down at all. They just got renewed. Everyone on Twitter seems in good spirit. In what universe does the mere mention of the word "cheap" mean bad morale? She's right. Soaps can succeed if the writing is there and the budget is kept in check and that is what Days has been doing the past year or so. That is what she seemed to be speaking too.
I totally agree with you! I see no evidence that morale is down at all! Why would it me they just got renewed at a time when soaps are being cancelled. And a lot of the cast almost tweet daily about who is in the make-up room, who they are taping with, what days they are working etc.....and when they have the time they obviously have a lot of fun and even hang out together over the weekends and during the times when the studioís dark.

As far as Ali is concerned, more power to her. She obviously loves being busy, and active and seems to have a ton of energy to be a wife, raise two kids, have two jobs and then support the various bits of charity work, write books etc...

As far as those is storyline having to tape around her schedule I didnít see GG complaining about it in his recent family interview or James on his buzz worthy interview makes it easier for them to balance their lives too.

It seems that most get at least 1 or 2 days off a week or work half days unless they are on a heavy taping schedule which seems to be the case for Nadia, Shawn and Crystal at the moment but it does seem like swings and roundabouts for most cast members as to how much they work at different times.

She should be commended. I see nothing to criticize here!
I felt almost physically exhausted just reading all that! She balances it out pretty well, it seems.
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