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Viewing Single Post From: "Working Mother" interview with Ali Sweeney

I got to admit, I am pretty horrified reading a lot of these responses.

Criticizing her because she chose not to take a long maternity leave? Seriously??? Do you all also question fathers who go back to work right after their children are born? The comment about how LH flies up to spend time with her husband clearly seemed to take no issue with the fact that that father works hundreds of miles away from his child. Apparently, it's fine for dads. But for mothers, it's disgusting. Give me a break.

This is ridiculous. If she loves her work, then she should be free to pursue that. She clearly tries to be there for her kids, as well, and they certainly don't appear to be lacking for affection.

I hope this is just people confusing their dislike for the character with the actress. Because otherwise, people need to pull themselves out of the 60s.
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