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Apr 14 2010, 01:18 AM
I got to admit, I am pretty horrified reading a lot of these responses.

Criticizing her because she chose not to take a long maternity leave? Seriously??? Do you all also question fathers who go back to work right after their children are born? The comment about how LH flies up to spend time with her husband clearly seemed to take no issue with the fact that that father works hundreds of miles away from his child. Apparently, it's fine for dads. But for mothers, it's disgusting. Give me a break.

This is ridiculous. If she loves her work, then she should be free to pursue that. She clearly tries to be there for her kids, as well, and they certainly don't appear to be lacking for affection.

I hope this is just people confusing their dislike for the character with the actress. Because otherwise, people need to pull themselves out of the 60s.
Hmmmm. The difference is, well, the mother has PHYSICAL reasons for not returning early????????? And honestly, I'd like to know if the dad took time off. If the dad took more time off than she did, then that's a whole 'nother ball of wax. There would be a parent who woud be the parent, instead of the nanny being the parent. True, we don't know the bills they have, but, I'm sorry. I know a lot of middle class women who have bills AND no husband and still make sure they spend time with their kids.
The story and opinions could probably be more balanced if we knew that. As it is, she tries to come across as the woman who has everything, but it just seems too much. I mean, come on.She works these two shows, raises her own garden, has time to work out, flies across the coast to do guest spot, Twitters non-stop, and has time to give interviews? SERIOUSLY? And at the risk of stepping on the toes of any mom here who "has that schedule", it increases the chances of problem kids later. I'm not saying it GUARANTEES it, and if her kid grow up to solve world problems, kudos to her. I've also read enough about other actors and have had experience with other parents who SEEM to have the same attitude of "I can have it all", and something gives. Drastically. Often, it's the kids. Plus, despite her obvious health, you don't think this is going to take a toll on her after a while? When was the woman off screen for any significant length of time JUST to have some downtime? When was the last time she took a vacation that wasn't a working vacation?
Let's just say, to me, her interviews read TOO much into the whole "Hey, look at me, I'm Perfect Mrs. Supermom". And, I'm sorry, but to me, this isn't a good example of momdom. And that's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it.
Let's not forget that, like someone mentioned, this crazy schedule seems to come at the cost of the show and the work schedule of the OTHER actors. It's already been noted on this board that storylines involving Sami seem enclosed and disjointed, and it was rare she shared scenes with anyone besides GG and JS, with the occasional Will actor and Sydney twins. I would think, after a while, some of these actors might start to resent that just a little?
AS someone who struggled while her kids were younger so my husband and I COULD spend more time with them. We're both teachers, and my husband is retired. It can happen. Having it all doesn't mean you have to have it all at the same time. Now, I do work almost 12 hour days with school and lessons AND am going back to get my PhD AND do web design on the side, but my kids are grown. So it's not like I don't understand the schedule aspect of it.
We have to remember these people are human AND actors. Yes, she might actually have it all and be one of those rare women whose life honestly just glitters. More than likely, she's putting on a facade, and it might be the best acting of her career.
And damn, I got sucked into it. I wish I could put a whole thread on "ignore", but I just feel too strongly about this topic.
As for being in the 60's, well, I deal with the results every day of the attitudes of the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Maybe the 60's had it right? :shrug:
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