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Please link to DR.

This week's SOD features a short interview with Kristian Alfonso.

Alfonso explains that Hope has been having trouble sleeping, because of what's happening with work, with Ciara and with her marriage. However, the sleeping pills are "having an adverse affect on her. All of her angst, anger and disappointment comes out."

Hope leaves the Kiriakis mansion, and she's surprised to see that Ciara is waiting for her at home. Ciara tells Hope that she had a nightmare and she misses her daddy. Hope tells Ciara that "maybe someday Justin can be your new daddy," but as Alfonso says, "... there's a whole diffferent demeanor, tone and stature to Hope during this. It's not Hope as we know her; it's an alter ego almost." The next morning, Hope doesn't even remember what she said to Ciara the night before.

Then, Ciara is sent home from school because she's caught stealing. SOD relates that Hope again takes a pill, but then she goes to a poker game, and she sees Dr. Baker there. Alfonso concludes, "She thinks she has it under control, but there's that bubble above her head, 'Hello Hope. It's not fine.'"

[Thanks to our members LovingDays and angmc for the article!]

SOW:Hope's Secret Life

Overwhelmed with the mugging case at work, her crumbling marriage to Bo, and Ciara’s outburst, Hope starts acting strangely.

Because of the stress of everything, Hope can’t sleep and has been having terrible headaches. She gets a prescription from her doctor to help her sleep.

Hope goes home, tucks Ciara in, and goes to bed. But, later, Ciara sees Hope coming in from outside. Ciara is shocked to see that her mom is not in the house, and when Hope comes in she is shocked to see Ciara up. Kristian says, “When Hope wakes up after taking this sleeping aid, she has no recollection of what has taken place.”

Or, what she may have said. “Ciara mentioned something about missing home and her daddy. That spurred a thought in ‘Nighttime Hope’, that maybe they could solve both problems and Justin could be her new daddy.”

When Ciara tells her what she said, “Hope is mortified”, insists Kristian. “She’s like, ‘I would never say that. You have a daddy who loves and adores you. No one else could ever be your daddy.’ Hope is completely confused and concerned for her daughter.”

The personal and professional pressures on Hope continue when she finds out that Abe has been mugged and she overhears Carly on the phone telling Bo she loves him. And, last but not least, Hope gets a call from Ciara’s teacher, telling her that Ciara stole something at school.

“Bo is out of town helping his sister, “ says Kristian. “So everything is on Hope’s back. She has to handle it all herself. The pressures keep mounting. The stress is becoming intolerable. It’s why she can’t sleep. Her mind keeps racing at night.”

Hope confronts Ciara about what she did at school. “It’s heartbreaking, because Hope realizes her daughter is hurting so badly that she’s acting out,” notes Kristian. “What does she do? She doesn’t want to be too hard on Ciara, but she wants her to understand it’s not okay to steal.”

After being scolded, Ciara sneaks into Hope’s room and finds a box hidden underneath her bed, and realizes Hope has a secret. Meanwhile, Hope confides in Justin about her problems with Ciara, before heading upstairs and taking another sleeping pill.

However, before long, Hope is up and acting strangely again. She starts getting ready to go out and grabs her gun. Just then Justin is approaching her bedroom. He wants to make sure she is okay. She tells him she appreciates it, but she is fine and is drifting off to sleep.

After Justin leaves, Hope sneaks out of the house. The next time viewers see her, she’s sitting at a table playing poker and making a man an offer he can’t refuse!

“Hope is in unfamiliar surroundings, in a situation you would never find her in,” says Kristian . “Hope has no idea what’s happening to her and how much her life has spun out of control. And it’s going to continue to spin”
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