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Please link to DR.

This week's SOD features interviews with Nadia Bjorlin and Molly Burnett.

Bjorlin explains that Vivian overhears that Chloe hates Carly, so Vivian tells Chloe that "Carly is bad news and she plays games." Bjorlin continues that Chloe begins to think that Daniel and Carly are having an affair.

What Chloe doesn't realize is that Daniel is planning to have "secret eye surgery", and Carly is assisting in the surgery. Daniel leaves Chloe a message that he's going to be at the hospital late, but Vivian pays a nurse to lie to Chloe and tell Chloe that she saw Daniel and Carly going to a motel. Bjorlin says that after Chloe comes to the hospital and hears this from the nurse, "she feels heartbroken and betrayed."

Meanwhile, Philip sees Nathan and Melanie kissing at Maggie's house. Thinking Melanie is cheating on him, he gets drunk. Chloe also goes and gets drunk, and the two strike up a conversation and realize they're in similar circumstances. "They just, without thinking about it, start kissing and going for it," Bjorlin explains.

Bjorlin continues that after the two have sex, "They feel like Philip and Chloe against the world." However, each then goes to find his/her partner, and they discover "they were both horribly mistaken". Melanie explains to Philip that Nathan kissed her and that she wrote Nathan a letter. Molly Burnett explains that the letter "was like a kiss goodbye... Philip is like, "Oh crap."

[Thanks to our members LovingDays and angmc for the article!]
SOW:A Closer Look:Chloe

After wrongly assuming their significant others are cheating on them, Chloe and Phillip get drunk and land in each other’s arms.

Daniel and Chloe have a spat, after her overhears her talking trash about Carly to Nicole. Nadia says, “Chloe is venting to Nicole, when Daniel walks in. A big part of Chloe’s gripe is Daniel telling Carly it was okay to move in with them without asking her first. They end up having an argument about it all.”

Vivian overhears the argument and Chloe’s conversation with Father Matt afterwards. Vivian approaches Chloe after the argument and asks her what is wrong. Chloe doesn’t want to talk to her about it and goes to see Father Matt. He tells her to tell Daniel how she feels and to reaffirm how much she loves him and wants to work it out.

Chloe heeds his advice and goes to the hospital to see Daniel. Daniel has left Chloe a message saying that he is going to be working all night and won’t be home, but he’s actually having surgery to correct his double vision. When Chloe gets there a nurse that Vivian has paid off tells her that Daniel is not on rotation and that he left with Carly. Then the nurse tells Chloe that there are rumors going around about Daniel and Carly, and that they were headed to a sleazy motel where people only go to do one thing. Nadia says, “Chloe thinks, ‘Oh, my God! They’re having an affair.’ Her worst nightmare has just come true.”

Chloe then goes to the motel and shows the clerk (Vivian has also paid him off) a picture of Daniel. He tells her that Daniel did check in and Chloe goes home heartbroken. Nadia says, “She can’t believe all her hopes and dreams have been shattered. She’s traumatized and pours herself some wine. She winds up drinking it all.”

Then Phillip shows up. He has seen Nathan and Melanie kissing and thinks Melanie is cheating on him. So, he gets drunk and comes over to talk to Chloe, because they’ve become friends and each other’s confidants. Phillip tells her about Melanie, and Chloe tells him about Daniel and Carly. Nadia says, “They are both heartbroken and drunk. They’re angry and want revenge. Chloe gives Phillip some more wine….”

One thing leads to another and they end up in each other’s arms. Are they tempted to go all the way? Nadia says, “Well they’re both vulnerable and they have a lot of history together. They’re former lovers, so it’s not so much of a stretch that there would always be an attraction there. And they’ve turned to each other in bad times before. Remember, Chloe turned to Phillip when Brady broke her heart…when he sent her divorce papers. This is a very similar scenario.”
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