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Though I'm rarely opposed to Phloe in romantic/sexual moments, it does bug me that Melanie's been the one emotionally cheating all over the place and in yet another attempt to whitewash Melanie's actions by making someone else the bad guy, now Philip is the one to actually cheat.

Not to mention which, I see the "Chloe is a slut" characterization the writers decided to come up with in 2008 isn't going anywhere. Why couldn't we have just cut Lucas and Daniel out of the equation altogether and just gone with Phloe in 2008 and see where that went? This excuse for Chloe to hop into bed with Philip (not that, pre-Philip being ruined by Melanie, I would have needed one) is pathetically lame. She has absolutely zero reason to think Daniel is really cheating on her with Carly and who would even just outright believe some nurse telling her that her fiance left to go to a motel with another woman? I would at least try to find out whether that was even true before falling into bed with someone else. And secret eye surgery could not be MORE stupid.

I hope the scenes are at least hot, to help get me through the nausea of Melanie yet again being glitterized with her no doubt tearful confession about something that is 1/10th as bad as what Philip just did. But bring on the Phelanie and Danloe breakups!

Thanks for posting!
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