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Viewing Single Post From: SOD/SOW: Philip and Chloe have sex!

woot! it may look like 'just sex' or too soon but truth is they ahve been rebuilding phloes friendship for a while now and every meeting until that one has been based on trust support and friendship. This will drag out with lots of angst and drama but in the end i think phloe are the rooting couple. lol funny cos in Australia where i am from rooting is old slang term for sex so i guess they are the rooting couple in both ways here.
Mels got no recourse, shes been emotionally cheatin on phil since she wrote that love letter on her wedding day. id shed been honest with him when he tried to discuss it with her...phloe sex would not have happened. And dans been a complete wanker in regards to chloe carly situation lately. No ones innocent in any true meaning in this mess.
But im fully prepared for the predictable lame lets trash chloe and call her a ho threads over the internet....while other salemites have done far worse than have a one night stand LOL.
But im too phloe happy to be derailed woot!
wonder if this is what nadias tweet to sariah meant when she said things were gonna get REALLY good for phloe.
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