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Apr 14 2010, 12:20 PM
Apr 14 2010, 12:16 PM
Apr 14 2010, 12:10 PM
I'm not sure how much of a curveball it was, given that we all saw Dr. Baker's finger twitching plus death is so often not permanent in the Salemverse, but I'm interested at his comment about alternate endings being taped. How many could there be?
I also found that comment interesting, but I don't think he necessarily meant that the endings were actually taped. Perhaps they told Callahan to move his finger, but they weren't sure at that point if it would mean anything or if they'd bring him back. Wonder what made them go this route, and wonder what the other option for the continuation of the story was....
Yes, it's true he didn't come out and say different endings were taped--but what would Tomlin "have in his pocket" if there was only one ending actually taped, and that being the one where everybody figured there was a good chance we'd see Dr. Baker again? As usual, the backstage stuff (how the sausage is made) is much more interesting than the show often is, though in Dr. Baker's case I love him and look forward to all his scenes--a rare infusion of intentional wit. If he's not back to reveal Sydney is actually Nicole's I want a love triangle with him, Victor and Vivian. Or, we can do both!
I totally see where you are coming from Paxton but I doubt that they taped alternate endings. AS bad as the baby switch story has been in spots I don't think they are writing this as they go along. This has been the story with the most direction in years on this show, however I think they may have alternate endings overall story wise depending on a lot of factors and also due to unforeseen circumstances like Ari's pregnancy which incidentially to me is when the story starting going off the rails. They hardly do more than one take let alone alternate endings. My guess with all the budgets cuts it wasn't that big a deal. They probably filmed it all at once anyway because if you guys remember the finger twitch happened after a long shot and then zooming in on his hand to reveal movement. It could have just been the decision to either go the extra couple of seconds and show it or cut earlier and not show the twitch. Like I said, I think Tomlin likes the idea of having an out just in case. The bigger question to me is: an out for what? I would love to know what effected his decision to bring Dr. Baker back.

And I fluv the idea of Dr. Baker and Vivian.
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