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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Apr 14 2010, 08:10 PM
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But the twins went with Julie & Doug to Switzerland didn't they at least that was the excuse then?

and on Will...well we all know he has to stick around the Dimera mansion and find out who was behind the kidnapping of his baby sister. ;)
I guess Lucas wasn't that interested in seeing Will, only Ali? That's nice. No wonder Will is like he is. It would have made much more sense for Will to go with Ali to China, rather than putting a 4 year old on a 20 hour flight alone. The whole thing is stupid.
Well in all do fairness to my boy Lucas...Will is in school....Allie isn't....it's just a copout because how would they explain Allie living in the Dimera Mansion if in fact Sami moves in there.....just a way to move the story....ship the kid to her father in China (isn't he working over there?), who babysits for him in China? How does Allie communicate over there? Stupid writing....this is what they should have thought about before getting rid of BD...
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