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I think it goes along with what was done in the past on soaps, which is that in stories that involve shocking twists or reveals (ex. Salem Serial Killer, possession, etc) you don't tell the actor what is going on because sometimes they will tip off what is going on.
Was that really necessary in this case though? The story hasn't even begun yet and we've already guessed that Kate and Madeline were Stefano's whores. If Tomlin was going for a shocking reveal here (which I'm guessing will take place in the next two weeks), he failed, LoL.
A few months ago, Crystal Chappell did an interview where she admitted it was hard to play out the whole story with her daughter because she knew who it was and had to try not to hint at it to the audience in her scenes with TS and MB and it actually did come off in her scenes that she knew.
It should've come off in her scenes that she knew -- because Carly DID know.
Deidre Hall didn't know she was the killer at the start either. I believe she was told along the way. She was never told she was going to be possessed either until the point where she had to. I could go on and on and this has been going on in daytime for years. It's a careful balance.
I see your point here... sort of. However, the difference is that those were BIG stories. Nothing happening on the show today compares even a little bit. Also, the producer didn't just randomly hop on the set one day and whisper, "Psst... you're the killer!" right before Marlena appeared above Tony's hospital bed with a syringe in her hand, LoL. Plus, with the show taping so far ahead these days, telling the actors what's really going on with their characters should be the least of the producers worries re: twists being spoiled ahead of time.

It's not a crime for these actors to be told what's going on with their characters and what their motivations are. I don't think that would spoil much. If anything, it would help improve their performances, and God knows they need all the help they can get.
It is weird the way he did it. I've never heard of someone being told on set something like that...
Didn't another actor or actress (I forget who) recently say that Gary Tomlin did the same thing to him/her on set or right before a scene or something?
Maybe he saw something that wasn't working and whispered what he did to help her along to improve the scene.
And if that's the case, there's a problem -- because MANY things "aren't working" these days. This is why the actors need to know what the hell is going on with their characters and what their motivations are. They need a little direction. To express otherwise is absurd to me. There's a reason that daytime has had directors and producers for all these years. I don't believe for a second that they're suddenly not needed just because the pace is faster behind the scenes.
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