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Quoting limited to 3 levels deep

1] Well, S/K went off to the cabin for a while. But their OTR story was the previous year. Just recently brushed up on my S/K, so hopefully I'm not off ...

The OTR storyline for S&K was actually two years prior to the Harper escape storyline. The Harper escape storyline took place after S&K's wedding and honeymoon. Victor and Jack helped Harper escape (although it was never really explained why Victor wanted to help). Harper was shot during the escape (by Steve who was working undercover to foil the plot after Jo tipped him off about it after she overheard Jack talking about it). Victor's men kidnapped Kayla to treat Harper's gunshot wound with the intend of "disposing" of her afterwards. Jack freaked when he learned Kayla was involved, but was unwilling to stop things to save her (actually really well played by MA). Steve figured out what was going on and where and ultimately rescued Kayla. Steve tried to get Jo to tell the cops that she overheard Jack planning the escape but she refused to turn in her baby boy. Jack basically got off scott free. But, there were some great Steve, Kayla, Jack scenes in the aftermath of the foiled escape attempt.
There were two breakout attempts. OTR was in 1987, I believe, right? The Victor/Jack breaking Harper out of jail stuff I was referring to was in 1988. Neither had anything to do with the 1990 breakout.
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