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After all... tomorrow is another day!

I'm kinda squicked out by Nathan using that patient death as an excuse to mack on Melanie. Because when he went 180 from being upset about the patient dying to making some declaration right before the others walked in, that's kind of what it looked like to me.

LOL at Hope apparently needing anger management. I'm really intrigued by all of this storyline and happy to see Abe involved. And we get Lexie on the same day too but they aren't together. YAY! And I really think I'm going to enjoy this Hope/Justin/Adrienne triangle.

:wub: :wub: Hope swearing in front of Ciara :wub: :wub: :cheer: :cheer: Hope evil smile talk with Ciara :cheer: :cheer:

Rafe is so laughable with his morality pride over his family never having ordered a hit on anyone. Listen Rafe, your jailbird sister was a drug dealer and we still don't know why the hell your ex-wife was killed on your wedding day in such a tragic/suspicious way that her sister went after you and tried to kill you so... I guess... enjoy your status as being less evil and immoral than the diabolicaliest clan in soaps. Ugh. Agent Smug is so obnoxious. I can halfway stomach that smug self-righteousness when it comes out of a Brady or a Horton but some nobody Hernandez? Bitch, please. I was freaking cheering when it was revealed Stefano set up that trick with the fake Anna to fool Rafe. The only let down was GG didn't give enough emotion in his disappointment about not catching Anna and running out of the police station (to where besides away from Sami??? did he not want her to see him cry??? Wouldn't he want to stay at the PD/FBI office and keep investigating???) after his out of nowhere epiphany that it was an intentional diversion. GG can sure play smug and cocky and in-charge all right, but he doesn't seem to know how to function when the part calls for sorrow/disappointment/embarrassment or any sort of loss. Maybe he's not confident enough as an actor to show those sorts of vulnerabilities? I don't know.

:wub: Stefano-vs.-Sami :wub: Sami was a total spoiled brat bitch with Stefano, but why should their relationship be anything else? And I especially loved the zinger: It's hard for me to believe you're Marlena's child. LOL!!! Good one, Phoenix! It did get a bit tedious when she started ranting and raving about the stuffed animal though, I admit. How have Stefano and Kate living together not just put a hit out on Sami already? That brownies line was good. :lol: Hell all of Stefano and Kate's comments about how they don't get why men are attracted to Sami and it's like a whistle only dogs can hear and how worst of all it seems all the men spawn with her were all hilarious and seemingly ripped from the boards with all the gripes people have about her.

eta: POOR ABE. And he had to be attacked right by the Tony DiMera memorial stairs of doom, too. :shame: You know that really should have been the weekly cliffhanger. It was way more powerful than the stupid one we got in the US for Friday's show.
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