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Apr 18 2010, 03:26 PM
Actually that's what I'm confused about -- does the show want to redeem EJ? Do EJ/EJami fans want him to be redeemed? I think some people are concerned that the show wants to play him as a romantic interest without redemption. Others might object to the fact of redeeming him at all, while yet others might consider him already redeemed. I think some of the roundabout of the EJ discussion has to do with not being clear on what everyone wants here.
I think all soap characters should receive "redemption" after they do something shitty, and then move them on into their next Plot. But I don't think Redemption should translate into a complete transformation of the character's basic personality traits. I don't want or like Dark/Evil EJ. I like "gray EJ" somewhere in the middle, neither all good or all bad. Then when he screw up, show his remorse and humanity. I think James summed it up best for me that in order for EJami to be a couple, EJ has to become a little less bad and Sami has to become a little less good, and let them meet somewhere in the middle as a "gray couple." Each capable of despicable acts to keep it interesting, but also great remorse afterwards. IMO, this is the key to character longevity on a soap in general... but tptb rarely find the right balance.
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