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Apr 9 2010, 01:06 AM
dc cubs
Apr 9 2010, 12:43 AM
Now, seeing what this regime has done, I'm happy about where he is. Why? Because he's older. The man is over 70. Much like Victor, he's confronting his own mortality. That is the approach they've taken. He's the Phoenix but, deep down, he knows his end will come some day soon so he's all about his family now and living out a happy life with them. The show has made that direction very clear with both Victor and Stefano. They've humanized them and it's sensible at this point in their lives. You still see shades of what they once were when they or their family is threatened but gone are the days of them just going after people for kicks or whatever.

Someone at TWoP said that Mascolo is 81 years old. Sure enough I checked his IMDB page and that is correct. I think JM looks great for his age. I do have to wonder how much long he wants to continue playing Stefano. Realizing his age, I can understand now why he has been used less in 2010. Maybe JM wants to continue working but is fine with 1-2 days a week.
I'm not sure it's his age as much as they used him quite a bit last year so it may be a guarantee issue. His contract is up in August so they just may be monitoring it. Then again, last year he was barely on the first three months of the year and his airtime exploded around April. We're once again seeing an uptick again in his airtime once again in April so I wonder if it could also be Joe always likes to do something early in the year and isn't as available. I know Lauren Koslow was absent in episodes for a time after the Philip/Melanie wedding due to a vacation, I believe. I do age is why Joe seems content at Days. If he were younger, I think he may have spoken out alot more after Dee, Drake, and Thaoo were cut and possibly forced his way out. I think he just enjoys the work at his age.
I didn't see this post before so I respond to it now.

A member on SC sent Joe a letter and then the guy posted this in a thread.

I asked him about why they felt the need to bring back the DiMeras only to kill them(Bart, Andre, Tony, Benji) sideline(Stefano, Lexie) or just ignore(Anna, Celeste). He said that he was bewildered by the story decisions and was sad that they seem determined to eliminate any of Stefano's allies from the story. Rolf especially was a source of my concern, since he was the only minion he had to play off. He agreed that Stefano needed Rolf and he loved working with Will Utay. He also agreed that it didn't make sense for Stefano to be in the background while this whole kidnapping thing was happening. He urged us all to contact "Days" and tell them that he needs a major part in the story, if not a new story entirely. He misses Thaao, Steve, Will, and Drake. I guess that's the new state of daytime, he says. He also sent me an autographed picture of the Phoenix himself! It goes right next to my autographed pics of Sami and Andre/Tony!

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