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Apr 19 2010, 12:45 PM
Apr 19 2010, 08:43 AM
This is going to sound random if no one else remembers this, and I don't particularly want to draw anyone's attention back to that particular thread, but....does anyone remember the post Alligato made about Ali, twitter, and butternut squash? It still made me laugh an hour after it was posted, and it still makes me laugh four months later. This blog made me think of that, and for that I am grateful. Yeah, that's all I got on this.
I would love to read that LOL!
Here's most of it. Actually, it's really all of the butternut squash part. The rest of the post is more about the debate that was in that thread. And if you're wondering, I totally found it by doing a search for "butternut." Two posts came up. This one, and the one where I quoted it to laugh about it. Obviously we don't talk about butternut squash enough.

My issue with AS on Twitter, or anyone else on Twitter, is someone who twats "I am sitting with Meghan feeding her my squash soup which I grew in my garden and spent hours cooking. She just loves to eat my butternut squash"
I just want to say "Put down the fucking phone and spend some time talking to your kid while feeding her." Can't be doing that great of a job if all your kid sees you doing is twatting on your phone.
I have had friends who twat their entire vacation on Disney World saying how much fun they are having. Here's a bulletin: if you were having so much fun with your kids, you wouldn't even think of your phone!

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