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Apr 19 2010, 11:24 AM
Apr 19 2010, 08:43 AM
This is going to sound random if no one else remembers this, and I don't particularly want to draw anyone's attention back to that particular thread, but....does anyone remember the post Alligato made about Ali, twitter, and butternut squash? It still made me laugh an hour after it was posted, and it still makes me laugh four months later. This blog made me think of that, and for that I am grateful. Yeah, that's all I got on this.
LOL, I remember it, and I thought of it while reading this, too. :laugh:

I really wish I could have a garden ... my backyard is all landscaped to be some sort of zen garden though. Sucks. (renting)
I'm encouraged by Livie's post, though ... will have to look into that.

I am excited for Lumi scenes, and Sami/Carrie scenes ... that's about all. I mean, regarding Sami. I will watch the tribute stuff in June, but that's about all Days is drawing me for. *sigh* Unfortuntate.
Lol, I also thought of that post, but in the context of uh oh, when are the bombs gonna fall now? I actually went back and edited my post since I figured if I said anything at all, it would hasten the napalm!

If you focus on some of the positive stuff here, there are lots of ways to garden, even on an apartment balcony space.

Those topsy turvy things do work for growing tomatoes (especially cherries), cucumbers, and zucchinis. Mom and Dad had six of them on the go at one time.

And since it was just the beginning of Earth week, finding ways to grow a little deliciousness along with some blue and yellow flowers to encourage our declining bee population :soapbox:
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