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Apr 20 2010, 02:22 PM
Apr 20 2010, 08:12 AM
Okay we had the DA, Abe, Justin and soon EJ and Brady as victims. The first thing I thought of is that all these guys have wealth and /or a position of power in common. Other than that, I have no idea why or how they are being chosen or if it's just random.
I was thinking of the connection too and one thing I thought of is that maybe she was attacking men who break up with their wives or treat them bad (since KA kept saying over and over how awful Hope has been treated in her latest interview). It is implied (and Jessica Tuck came out and said it in an interview) that Madeline and the DA have sort of a loveless marriage. Then you have Justin, who just split from Adrienne and couldn't manage to reconcile with her despite Hope's attempts. But then there is Abe, who has done nothing to Lexie so I suppose it can't be that.

I think it's just her going after people she's pissed at. KA said that Hope has all this pent up aggression and anger and that the pills bring it out of her. It was implied that Bo, Hope, and Roman were also working on the Sydney case. Maybe the DA releasing Benny angered Hope too since she was on the case so she attacked him in a pill-induced rage. Then, she attacked Justin because of how badly thinks went with Adrienne and because of how Justin had been treating her of late. Abe was about to take her off the case and was a hard on her yesterday so she attacked him. I think it's just the pills taking away all resistance and drawing out all the anger, rage, frustration, etc.

I also think that Baker is her supplier and that they met during her nighttime adventures. I think Baker is using Hope for himself by way of having her take the wallets of the people she attacks in order to cover his debts. There is no other reason for Hope to stealing wallets LOL. That is very Gina-esque if true. Afterall, Gina was a art thief.
This is a cheaper, low-rent version of the Lady of the Night story which preceded Marlena's possession. I was worried I'd have to give up Days if this turned out to be Princess Gina, but now I think it's some sort of disorder caused by the sleeping pills (which has happened, strange as it sounds).

I'm not entirely crazy about this story, but I'll see what happens with it.
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