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May Sweeps Preview

"It's a circus, it really is a circus," previews Executive Producer Ken Corday. "I'm very excited. You're going to see faces popping up that you'd never expect, people crossing over that you'd never expect."

EJ/Sami/Rafe/Stefano/Anna: With this story, Dena Higley has taken the cards of the baby-switch saga, tossed them into the air, re-shuffled and dealt them and "it's great." Rafe leaves Salem in search of Anna. He finally tracks her down and demands to know who paid her to kidnap Sydney. In South America, Anna is stunned when she bumps into a familiar face -- Calliope! Meanwhile, Rafe ends up in a South American jail and his cellmate is another familiar face. Back in Salem, EJ tries to keep his feelings for Sami a secret. Naturally, Sami is drawn to EJ, but she still misses Rafe.

Phillip/Melanie/Nathan/Stephanie/Chloe/Carly/Daniel: This story will lead to lots of unexpected ripples. Phillip feels extreme guilt after he has sex with Chloe. Carly figures out that Chloe cheated on Daniel and Carly is a truth-teller. Carly threatens to tell Daniel the truth if Chloe doesn't. Meanwhile, Vivian still has her hands in the mix and she offers to help Chloe remove Carly from her life for good. Meanwhile, Melanie finds out that Stephanie trashed her birth control pills and she accuses her of trying to trap Nathan. Stephanie will take a darker turn in May. She's vindictive and she plays a convincing victim.

Hope/Dr. Baker/Arianna/Brady/Nicole: Hope's new saga really gets off the ground in May. She's acting strange -- nothing like the Hope we've seen in the past. There are mysterious muggings taking place all over Salem and everyone's getting whacked over the head. Hope is the mugger. Meanwhile, Arianna gets arrested which strains her relationship with Brady. Nicole comes face-to-face with Dr. Baker. Says Corday, "John Callahan is great. Dr. Baker is so much fun and it's a color we don't have on the show."

Kate/Stefano/Madeline/Will/Mia/Chad/Gabi: Viewers will learn that Madeline has a past with Kate and Stefano. She threatens to reveal a secret if they don't stay away from her family. Meanwhile, Will finds an old picture of Kate and Madeline together and he takes it to Chad. "Secrets will come from there that will be held for years to come... big stuff. It doesn't appear to be that way; it just seems like something from the past, but there's more to it than that."

Vivian/Victor/Maggie: Vivian shocks Victor with an impromptu wedding, but will it actually take place? Vivian is a psycho. Completely bonkers.

Alice: Salem is devastated when Alice's health takes a turn for the worse. "I think this will be the best memorial that has ever been done on a soap for an actor. But it really gets going in June."
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