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Hope is the Mugger!

EJ becomes the next victim of the Salem whacker this week and it's revealed that pill-popping Hope is to blame! "She's only attacking men," explains Kristian Alfonso. "After her hurt and anger and what's taken place with Bo, this is how it's manifested itself."

But what's more... Hope has teamed up with the dastardly Dr. Baker to do it! Apparently, they met at a poker game. She won and he lost a ton of money, so she gets him to do her dirty work. She informs Dr. Baker that EJ is going to be their next victim. Dr. Baker is shocked. He thinks Hope is bonkers. "He tells Hope, 'Are you insane? He's a DiMera. They're going to kill us!' Hope is very calm and cool and doesn't really care and wants to see how far he'll go."

EJ spies Dr. Baker, prompting the dastardly doc to flee, leaving Hope to do the head-whacking. When Dr. Baker returns, he steals EJ's bank card. When EJ wakes up, he doesn't remember anything. Hope doesn't either. "Daytime Hope has no recollection of anything that takes place at night," explains Alfonso.

Eventually, Hope is assigned to investigate the mysterious muggings and she bumps into Dr. Baker along the way. "Baker sneaks up on her and she's like, 'Who are you?' He looks at her like she's crazy."

After Dr. Baker leaves, Hope discovers that EJ's bank account has been drained. Because of that, she assumes Nicole is the mugger. EJ does too.

By week's end, "nighttime" Hope pops more pills and has another meeting with Dr. Baker.

To find out what happens next, you'll have to stay tuned...

(Just an FYI, the photo that accompanies this article shows a terrified Dr. Baker holding his hands in the air as Hope aims a gun at him)
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