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After all... tomorrow is another day!

"It's a circus, it really is a circus," previews Executive Producer Ken Corday.

Oh dear. Are they bringing back Horton the Tiger for Alice's memorial?

With this story, Dena Higley...


Naturally, Sami is drawn to Rafe, but she still misses Rafe.

Is this supposed to read Sami is drawn to EJ but she still misses Rafe?

Vivian/Victor/Maggie: Victor shocks Victor with an impromptu wedding, but will it actually take place? Vivian is a psycho. Completely bonkers.

Who shocks who? And how does Maggie fit in?

(Sorry to give you grief for any typos Kenny, I'm just confused)

In any event, I'm actually very intrigued to learn who is in the South American jail. Eugene? Tony?

Melanie can fuck off bitching about Stephanie "trapping" Nathan with a baby. Bitch you trapped Phillip in a marriage when you weren't even sure if you really wanted him. Go Badass Stephanie go.

LOL at pathetic Arianna getting arrested for being the mugger. As if!! First, they want us to believe she was a drug dealer sent to prison and now that she's a mugging suspect? :lol: Whatever, I'm wondering if Nicole finds out about things but has Baker and Hope set up Arianna?

Corday talking about secrets lasting YEARS scares me.

Here's hoping Psycho Vivian finds a way to intersect with the Hope story. If Chloe gets tricked into trying to kill Carly just because of Carly's threats she's officially too dumb to live.

I miss Bo. :(
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