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It certainly couldn't hurt to see her just in a supporting role, it would keep her in people's memories and who can say where that would lead. Maybe nothing's foreseeable for now, but there are always contingencies. Personally I don't think they have to split up J&J or have MA back to find something for Missy to do, even though I would very much want both of them back (even as supporting; hard enough for Hope to get a storyline), because another visible option IMO is a Horton storyline, it's just that they'd have to make that a priority first, and I am not sure I see that happening with TPTB.

It would really be such a shame to lose a vital Horton link entirely. For whatever reason, I think she's more associated with that family than Hope in the average viewer's mind.

Matt is currently on tour with Mamma Mia, that ends in late June. Personally I don't think he'd say no to Days if they asked.
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