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Spencer Hastings
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This all sounds really good. I'm pretty excited about Days right now! I can't wait to get through the junk they're showing now and build up to this Hope/Dr. Baker stuff and the Kate/Stefano/Madeline storyline. I really think/hope with all of my might that Chad is Princess Gina/Hope's kid with Steffie. That would be so amazing that they could really run with it for years! Can you imagine the buildup, the body, and then the fallout? Epic! It could really impact the show for years as all of the characters struggle to deal with it. It would affect so many characters: Bo, Hope, Ciara, Chad, EJ, Rafe, Gabi, Shawn-D who would need to come back, the Hortons in general...oy. Not to mention Stefano would have a new toy soldier to play with. The EJ/Chad story would be enough to keep me tuned in for years, especially considering the fact that they didn't like each other much with the Sydney/Grace story.

Hell TPTB seem to like Molly Burnett so much that they could throw Chad with Melanie and have a good ol' Romeo and Juliet storyline with 2 mothers battling it out while their newly found children are dating. Or maybe not..don't kill me guys! Just a thought....that's all. No pitchforks please. :P

I'll be so upset if Chad is just...Chad.
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