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Apr 20 2010, 10:36 PM
Apr 20 2010, 07:46 PM
Viewers will learn that Madeline has a past with Kate and Stefano. "Secrets will come from there that will be held for years to come... big stuff. It doesn't appear to be that way; it just seems like something from the past, but there's more to it than that."
I don't buy this at all. The way re-writes take place so often on this show? If the secrets of Madeline's past really take years to play out, by the time they're revealed they will have been re-written so many times no one will be able to make sense of it. Sort of like John's past.

Plus, isn't Jessica Tuck already done taping?
But there is hardly any rewrite in major story from the moment Tomlin came on. (I really donīt count the teens and honestly not even Maggie as the alcoholism was more like a pitch they decided to not follow than full fledged story) The only major story obviously crippled by rewrite was the Melanie/Nathan/Stephanie/Phillip quadrangle which they changed to make place for Carlyīs return and her reveal as Melīs mum/Danielīs ex-lover. But everything else goes firmly according to plan sometime even when it creates some lulls in the story (as when they decided to wait for Nicolīs return and dragged the Sydnapping, part 2 too much).

As for Jessica done with taping, I donīt she is. And she is recurring, so as long as Chadīs mum lives in Salem and isnīt murdered or something they can call her back anytime they want (and she agrees).
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