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Apr 21 2010, 07:54 AM
i know i'm in the minority, but i'm irritated that they're throwing stephanie, chloe and philip under the bus so melanie looks as blameless in the upcoming mess as possible. i like SH and i'm concerned that this storyline is a dead end for her, or that they intend some kind of exit. i mean, they did the ' vindictive bitch' storyline with mia as a last resort and look what that led to. if they are going to do this, i wish they'd delve into stephanie and melanie's past relationship. i know the show wants us to totally forget that melanie was ever anything more than a innocent little ingenue, but exploring some of of the valid reasons stephanie has to despise melanie might make this storyline easier to swallow.

lastly, sami is a disgusting whore. when all this shit with ej hits the fan, and she inevitably goes crawling back to rafe, i hope he kicks her in the face.
Well, I'll be in the minority with you. They've been throwing Stephanie under the bus for Melanie for months now and as you say, if they would actually allow anyone to remember and discuss the little things like Melanie trying to frame Stephanie for murder that would make Stephanie's dislike for her understandable it would work a lot better. It really irritates me when people defend Melanie with stuff like, "But she wants Stephanie to be her friend and Stephanie agreed and now is stabbing her in the back." Stephanie should never have been forced into being Melanie's friend in the first place. The whole thing is completely ridiculous and I hate that an actress and a character I like keep getting sacrificed for Strawberry Shortcake. I already complained about Philip and Chloe getting thrown under the bus last week, but having read the day aheads too, Chloe's part of this equation plays out even worse, with stupid-secret-surgery-havin' Daniel calling out for Chloe while she's across town ready to act out with Philip on flimsy evidence without even confronting Daniel about his supposed infidelity.

As for Sami, yes and yes. I've despised Sami for years now but they really are piling on as far as I'm concerned with this emphasis on the fact that if she can't be with the one she loves she'll love the one she's with. Until the one she loves she comes back and she goes shrieking after him that if he had just been there for her she never would have kissed/fucked EJ. The only thing I really like about Rafe is that he hasn't been taking Sami's shit and I would love for him to tell her he has nothing but contempt for her if and when she tries to lay a guilt trip on him and insist all she really cares about is him.
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