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You know why James is everywhere? They've been pimping his character for the last fucking 4 or 5 years! What other newbie character has had every character, especially the vets dumb down, to pimp him as much as EJ Dimera.

He's been a part of storylines he had no business in. Hell, most of the stuff written for him is horrible.

I seriously can't stand James Scott. Not so much the person but the who he represents. Because to me, he represents what's wrong with soaps in general. This pushing of the new "hot" guy to the point where the only people left watching are his fans. Not fans of the show in general.

To me, that's part of what killed GL. The Johnathan character and the actor who played him and his rabid fanbase. GL's PTB formed the entire show around this dude. And it ruined the show.

DOOL has done the same thing with EJ.

The pimping of EJ has destroyed some of my favorite characters. They rewrote Lucas to push him. Mickey was used to pimp him. They rewrote Sami. They rewrote Nicole. Heck, they rewrote Steve and half of the Bradys.

EJ is a character with no real history or characteristics. He is rewritten every year or so but we're supposed to believe he's a stable character.

James Scott does not know Sami Brady's character. The real Samantha Gene Brady would not be a love interest to EJ Dimera. She would be the one bringing down that entire family.

EJ is a poor version of a 16 year old Sami but in a grown ass man. Sami would feel pity and disgust, not love for such a character.
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